10 Amazing WordPress Design Resources (2024)

by Montel Anthony

Having a beautifully designed WordPress website is critical for attracting visitors, establishing credibility, and converting visitors into customers. The right WordPress design resources can make the process much easier, whether you’re a professional designer or just starting out.

In this ultimate list, we’ll look at 10 of the best WordPress design resources for elevating your website through stunning templates, versatile plugins, captivating graphics, and more. These handpicked resources will help you create a high-converting site that looks incredible with minimal effort.

Why Good Design Matters for Your WordPress Site

Before jumping into the resources, let’s look at why design is so crucial for WordPress sites:

  • Attracts More Visitors: A striking, modern design stands out and urges visitors to keep exploring your content.
  • Improves Credibility: Visitors form an opinion about your brand’s quality within seconds based on design. Professional design builds trust and credibility.
  • Increases Conversions: Clean, seamless design and intuitive UX remove friction in conversion funnels, boosting sales.
  • Enhances User Experience: Frustration from a cluttered or confusing site leads to high bounce rates. Good design improves experience and satisfaction.
  • Shows You Are Professional and Trustworthy: An amateurish design gives the impression you don’t take your business seriously or care about quality.

Now that you know what’s at stake, let’s explore the handpicked selection of our favorite WordPress design resources for 2023 and beyond!

Our Handpicked Selection of the Top 10 WordPress Design Resources for 2023

With new design assets and tools coming out constantly, it can be tricky identifying the very best resources worth using for your precious WordPress site.

We’ve narrowed things down to these 10 amazing WordPress design resources after extensive testing and research based on quality, value, ease of use, and ability to create stunning websites:

1. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder / 10 Amazing WordPress Design Resources

Elementor has quickly become one of the most popular WordPress page builders ever with over 7 million websites now using it. The intuitive drag-and-drop builder makes it simple for anyone to create beautiful pages and layouts.

Some key features and benefits include:

  • Modern modular system for quickly building pages
  • 300+ integrated templates and sections
  • Responsive editing and mobile-friendly design
  • Seamless integration with WordPress
  • Options for beginners to advanced developers

For designers, Elementor is flexible and features robust animation capabilities, conditional display logic, and tools for creating advanced designs faster. It’s hands-down our favorite page builder for WordPress currently.

2. TemplateMonster Themes and Templates

TemplateMonster Themes and Templates / 10 Amazing WordPress Design Resources

TemplateMonster offers a phenomenal library of premium WordPress themes spanning a wide range of niches and site types. Their collection features creative designs focused on conversion and engagement.

Some reasons we love TemplateMonster:

  • Hundreds of innovative WP themes across niches
  • New options added frequently
  • Top-notch quality and extensive customization options
  • Budget-friendly pricing, with deals under $60
  • Fully compatible modern themes

With such an abundance of choice, it may actually be tough to settle on just one design you love!

3. Creative Market Graphics and Fonts

Creative Market Graphics and Fonts / 10 Amazing WordPress Design Resources

Creative Market is home to a treasure trove of graphics, fonts, add-ons, and more from independent creators. It’s one of the best places to source premium assets to elevate your WordPress site’s design.

A few things that make Creative Market so valuable:

  • Stunning graphics, icons, illustrations, and fonts
  • New products added daily
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Categories tailored specifically for WordPress sites
  • Constant sales with 70% off deals

For transforming dull sites plagued by generic stock images, Creative Market is a must-try resource.

4. Font Awesome Icons

Font Awesome Icons / 10 Amazing WordPress Design Resources

Icons are a simple yet excellent way to enhance webpage designs and make sections more scannable and visually engaging. Font Awesome offers over 9,000 configurable icons you can implement into WordPress sites through their CDN links.

Reasons we recommend using Font Awesome:

  • Enormous icon library with regular new additions
  • Multiple styles like solid, regular, light, and thin
  • Fully customizable size, color, rotation, and more
  • Super simple to add into WordPress sites
  • Completely free and open source

For affordable, easy access to just about any icon you can imagine, Font Awesome is a fantastic resource.

5. Undsgn Web Design Inspiration

Undsgn Web Design Inspiration / 10 Amazing WordPress Design Resources

Brainstorming ideas and finding fresh sources of inspiration is an indispensable part of designing websites. Undsgn features a magnificent collection of web design inspiration showcasing trends and examples from top sites.

Here’s why we love browsing Undsgn for design inspiration:

  • Thousands of designs spanning various categories
  • New designs added daily
  • Tag system for easily finding certain styles
  • Filters by color scheme, layout, content, and more
  • Links to live sites and design credits

For stimulating your creative juices and discovering new styles, Undsgn should be a regular destination.

6. Designmodo Tools and Courses

Designmodo Tools and Courses / 10 Amazing WordPress Design Resources

In addition to their popular UI kit Fomantic UI, Designmodo also offers a phenomenal range of web design courses for tackling WordPress design. Their platform is bursting with tutorials and training materials for boosting skills.

Notable features of Designmodo for WordPress designers include:

  • Comprehensive web design courses for all levels
  • Detailed tutorials on tools like Figma and Sketch
  • Responsive web design training
  • Tips and guides for improving workflow
  • Useful UI kits and resources
  • Premium memberships (free trials available)

For expanding your skillset as a WordPress designer, Designmodo should cover all the bases with their stellar training.

7. StockUnlimited Stock Photos and Vectors

Visually captivating and relevant stock photos are enormously beneficial for making WordPress content more engaging and breaking up long blocks of text. StockUnlimited offers an expansive stock library with new high-quality photos and vectors added daily.

Reasons we recommend StockUnlimited for WordPress sites:

  • Collection of over 1 million stock photos and vectors
  • New files added daily to stay fresh
  • Very affordable subscription compared to other stocks
  • Images can be used on multiple websites
  • Easy WordPress licensing for peace of mind

For access to virtually unlimited stock visual content at a bargain, StockUnlimited is a superb choice.

8. Google Fonts Library

Google Fonts Library

Custom fonts help websites stand out while adding personality and visual flair. The Google Fonts library offers an astounding 1,300+ font families to browse, preview, and easily integrate into WordPress sites for free.

Benefits of using Google Fonts:

  • Enormous selection of font styles
  • Create custom font combinations
  • Optimized performance from Google CDN
  • Open source fonts can be used freely
  • Super simple implementation

For affordable typographic flexibility through custom web fonts, the Google Fonts library is invaluable.

9. Canva Design Tool

Canva Design Tool

While primarily marketed as a graphic design platform, Canva has fantastic capabilities for creating visual content to use on WordPress sites due to its drag-and-drop functionality and massive library of templates.

Some key features of Canva for WP site design:

  • Easy drag-and-drop editing
  • 100,000+ templates for graphics, videos, presentations
  • 120 million images, graphics, and illustrations
  • Intuitive design interface ideal for beginners
  • Image size presets for social media and blogs

Even with no graphic design expertise, Canva empowers anyone to effortlessly create polished custom visuals for their WordPress site’s design.

10. Elegant Themes Website Builder Tools

Elegant Themes Website Builder Tools

Last but not least, Elegant Themes offers phenomenal WordPress website builder tools through their products like Divi, Extra, and Bloom. They make crafting beautiful sites with WordPress a breeze.

Notable features of Elegant Themes’ website builders:

  • Drag-and-drop page builders with pre-made layouts
  • Stunning templates and designs included
  • Time-saving tools and options for rapid building
  • Easy customization and styling
  • Access all tools through membership

Between the abundance of quality templates and intuitive builders, Elegant Themes enables designing pro-level WordPress sites with no coding needed.

Get Started Using These Fantastic Resources!

This roundup represents our hand-selected list of premier WordPress design resources based on value, quality, ease of use, and ability to create showstopping websites.

Leveraging these resources enables anyone to craft stunning, professional-grade WordPress site designs without needing to master multiple complex tools or hire outside help.

We highly recommend giving Elementor, TemplateMonster, Creative Market, and Font Awesome a try first. The combined power of those options will transform the aesthetics of your current WordPress site tremendously.

Don’t settle for lackluster site design that repels visitors. Instead, tap into these incredible WordPress design resources to create sites that captivate audiences and drive more conversions!

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